Fat Dissolution at Vita

Aqualyx and DesoFace/ DesoBody are state-of-the-art fat dissolving treatments that utilise the active ingredient Deoxycholic Acid to break down stubborn fatty deposits for both men and women. Deoxycholic Acid breaks down the cell wall of fat cells, allowing the cell residue to be broken down by the body’s own natural defence process and the remaining released fatty acids are converted to energy.

These treatments are not a substitute for traditional weight loss methods but instead offer an effective breakdown of fat in stubborn regions that refuse to shift despite dietary and exercise intervention, ideal for those wishing to avoid costly and invasive surgery. The fat cells are permanently destroyed with these treatments but will not inhibit future weight gain.

A number of sessions may be required depending on the quantity and size of fatty deposit in the region. A thorough consultation will allow us to assess the number of sessions required to treat the region effectively. Following fatty tissue dissolution, further treatment modalities may be required to target resulting skin laxity in the region, again this will be discussed at length at your consultation.

So, bothered by that extra chin or those unwanted extra lumps, bumps and rolls? Why not consider this revolutionary fat dissolving solution today.

Contra-Indications for treatment:

  • Clients should be aged 18 or over and under the age of 65
  • Anti-coagulant theraphy
  • Acute or chronic skin disease in affected region
  • Lipodystrophy, Diabetes (Type 1 & 2), Liver and Kidney disease
  • Auto-immune disease
  • History of Anaphylaxis or severe allergies (lidocaine is added to both these products)
  • Pregnant, breast feeding or undergoing IVF
Fat Dissolution Treatment



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