Ellansé Collagen Stimulator

Ellansé – a revolutionary collagen stimulator

We all know the hands of time speed up the ageing process and with that slows the production of collagen, resulting in our skin and underlying deeper tissues losing their once plump and voluminous character. The loss of volume, together with gravity not working in our favour, results in deteriorating textural issues and sagging with the tell-tale ageing signs on display for the world to see.

Unlike other dermal fillers on the market, which can largely add to the problem of sagging tissues and excess volume when placed in the lower third of the face, Ellansé offers a truly remarkable alternative. Ellansé works by adding natural volume at the time of placement but its genius is only beginning! Unlike other dermal fillers that start to degrade from time of placement, Ellansé gradually stimulates the body’s own collagen and so results start to become more noticeable from month 3 onwards, in most cases lasting in excess of 12 months. This allows a very gradual, natural improvement to both superficial skin and underlying deeper tissues.

The procedure itself can offer full face treatment- as we know it’s often not just one problem site but a loss of volume/collagen in several regions that actually creates the overall areas of concern. Ellansé can also be used to target site issues just as effectively, it really is a magic product! With minimal, or in most cases no, downtime required.
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Ellanse - Before After

Ellanse - Before After



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